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Seropositive people's life experiences

The following study, proposed by Les Séropotes (The Seropals), a French LGBT+ association of persons concerned by HIV with the aid of twenty-odd French associations, seeks to learn more about the itineraries and living conditions of seropositive persons now living in France or an overseas department. The aim is to compare ways in which HIV re-arranges projects and lifestyles and to what extent it transforms a person’s identity.

This questionnaire is open to persons eighteen years old and older. It is anonymous. To ensure the respect and protection of your private life, both questionnaire and database are confidential and accessible only to authorized persons (sociologists, anthropologists, demographers) who request them, with the majority agreement of the associative and scientific steering committees. Only overall results will be communicated publicly in a report and during restitution events (LGBT+ and/or HIV meetings, conferences, etc.). Data will be kept for two years (until the 31st of October 2021), after which no data will remain archived and all therefore destroyed.

Completing the questionnaire should take about 30 minutes. It touches on “sensitive” subjects such as health, sexual orientation and racial or ethnic origin. Except for the first four questions (place of birth, current gender identity, gender identity at birth, sexual orientation), and even if the quality of the study depends on the number of questions actually answered, no question is obligatory. You can stop answering questions at any time and start again later (until Thursday, 31st of October 2019). In that case, just register the questionnaire in your favorites, where you’ll find it the next time you connect. If possible, however, we advise you to complete the questionnaire in one session.

You can modify your answers during a session, or after you’ve finished and sent it in. In conformity with the General Rule on Data Protection, you have a right to access, to rectify, to erase, or to oppose your participation in the study, until the time the data are destroyed. Although the questionnaire is anonymous, your questionnaire can be found thanks to a cross-referencing of data points.

In case of difficulty or simply a question, you can contact Guillaume Roucoux (sociologist) at He will answer you as soon as possible (be assured that no use will be made of your email, if it indicates your name or first name).

Access the questionnaire

In advance, we thank you for your participation. And if possible, we would be grateful if you could mention it to those in your circle of friends, colleagues and/or acquaintances, who the study seeks to know more about.

Les Séropotes, the steering associative and scientific committees